About theNAME

theNAME is a female fronted metalband from Haarlem. The band was formed by Silas; a charismatic guitarist, backing vocalist and the band’s songwriter. In lead singer Hadassa, Silas found the missing component to make the band complete: a mixture of catchy melodies, beautiful lyrics, dynamic vocals, an intoxicating seduction and a great live performance.

Last May the band completed a European tour of Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden with Tarja, the band of ex-Nightwish lead singer Tarja Turunen. Besides Tarja, theNAME has shared the stage with bands like Epica, Delain, Serenity, Y&T, We Are The Fallen, Xandria, Anneke van Giersbergen, Krypteria, ReVamp, Huntress and Stream of Passion. The band has also toured with Six Magics in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

theNAME has released 4 albums. In November 2013 theNAME presented its CD ‘Unchained’ with Epica / MaYaN drummer Arien van Weesenbeek in the Dutch venue Het Patronaat. 'Unchained' was recorded by ex-Textures guitarist Jochem Jacobs in his own studio. The album was very well received by the fans and press, and led to theNAME being signed by its first record label, V2 Records.

2014 really seems a good year for theNAME since American producer Beau Hill (Europe, Alice Cooper) noticed theNAME and remixed and remastered one of the songs on the latest album: ‘Draw the Line.’ A music video was subsequently released and can be seen at theNAME’s Youtube channel. Next to that, a 5 pages long interview was published about it in the sixth edition (2014) of Music Maker with Silas and Beau Hill himself.

The first music video theNAME released on their new album was of 'Imperfect'. This video can also be found at their Youtube channel, along with many other videos theNAME has released. Previews of 'Unchained' can be listened to at theNAME's website.

theNAME is an energetic, ambitious band that works very hard. This band was simply born to be on stage. There is nothing in this world theNAME does better, than giving a tight, rock 'n roll live show and becoming one with the audience while doing that. theNAME’s motto consists of nothing more or less than ‘rock on’!